As skincare and skin health experts, we stand behind our Medical Grade Skincare line of high quality products. Please note that we do not own or have any affiliate relationships with any non-FanTisi RX skincare brands, and we cannot guarantee successful results from using any skincare items purchased through FanTisi Medspa online shop, the FanTisi RX online shop. Everybody’s skin is very different and sometimes sensitive to skincare product ingredients. Please be sure to read the product ingredients before purchase, especially if you have known allergies. If a product in our online shop does not include a list of ingredients, you can always contact us to confirm. We cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any allergic reactions or discomfort that may be experienced from the use of any product purchased through FanTisi Medspa. Although such instances are rare, it’s impossible to foresee if an individual will have any adverse affects from any specific skincare product. We do encourage you to seek our professional advice regarding product selection, especially if you feel you are susceptible to certain ingredients or particularly sensitive to skincare products in general.
When possible, we include the full list of ingredients provided directly from each brand for products offered within the FanTisi RX online shop. Please be aware that, without notice, skincare manufacturers may change the ingredients of their products with new releases. Although we work diligently to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data and descriptions for all of the products we offer, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data or the ingredients displayed within the product pages of the FanTisi RX online shop. If you discover any inaccuracy in the product data displayed within the FanTisi RX online shop, we would greatly appreciate your valuable input and notification – please contact us and we will look into the matter immediately.
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